A duck call is more than a hunting tool. A lot of people fail to realize that its something that can be pasted down from generation to generation much like a gun. It has a much deeper meaning than just a call.



The great thing about a custom call is you don't have to settle with the status quo. Its a call that only you will possess , Its a call that is built to your liking not your hunting buddies.

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Ever since I have been young I became obsessed with the sport of Duck Hunting. During the early part of my 20s I decided that this was part of my lifestyle . Since then I have been making the trip to the marsh or flooded timber every morning at 3:30 during the duck season . I started competition calling and won my first qualifying contest to compete in the Worlds Duck Calling Contest . After using a variety of different calls while hunting Mississippi , Arkansas , and many places in between I wanted to come up with my own design of the best hunting calls possible .I bought a lathe and everything else needed for call making and after a few years I finally built a call of my own and to my liking along with my fellow hunters. I wanted to make a call that was easy to use , have good volume ,and had a lot of duck . Duck hunting and call making is what I have a passion for, im not in this for money ,or popularity. This is the main reason why our name is Duckwild. I am completely wild about ducks and duck hunting. I think about duck hunting every day and I admire a lot of other call makers and competition callers. I'm on Echo Calls pro staff and use their call for Mainstreet competitions. I like any call out there, It shouldn't matter if one guy likes another call we are all part of a much bigger deal. I'm a call collector myself and I want to just be a part of this great tradition.

We sincerely appreciate your visit to Duckwild Calls and if you have any questions , comments , or just want to talk ducks email us at arod8387@yahoo.com or call 1 850 557 6290                                                                                               Rodney Hill

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Check out the new Genesis Duck Call! If you have any questions or want to order a call just give us a call or order here. We have a lot of new things in the works , such as calls, DWC gear and much more. At this time we are still working on the site. We will be adding new products very soon so be sure to check back with us.   Thanks


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